It is a balmy day here in the Northeast, so as the snow melts, we know thoughts of summer are among us especially the building anticipation for the 28th Storm Trysail Club Block Island Race Week. For us, there are many new facets to Race Week we eagerly can't wait to share them with you. So stay tuned for more great announcements over the coming weeks.
For those of you who have not signed up yet for BIRW:
It couldn’t be easier to do so and get the logistics squared away. Whether you are seeking as many races a day “as practical” on the White Circle or mixing it up with a combination of bouy and distance racing, there is a format for you to spend a week on the water with your crew.

We are thrilled North Sails has returned to Block Island Race Week to support our sailors both on and off the water. North Sails has a long history with Block Island Race Week, outfitting and supporting a significant number of boats, including many clients with race victories.
North Sails has expanded their commitment to Race Week with NEW and returning levels of support for sailors including expert coaching, weather briefings, and overnight sail repairs. 

1 14 2019 PR Pic 1
Photo: BIRW 2017 - Steve Cloutier

Preliminary Circle Assignments have been made for Block Island Race Week 2019. They can be viewed on Yacht Scoring. We are looking forward to great competition by offering a variety of options to suit our diverse fleet.

Plus 1 pic 1

Plus 1 is a new shorthanded racing class that the Storm Trysail Club is helping to promote.
The idea behind the new class is come up with a solution to the problem of getting enough
crew and to make big boat racing fun again. It also could be a help to doublehanders who are
tired of working so hard and for those doublehanders interested in doing other types of racing
besides just distance courses. I have named the new division Plus 1 because the crew limit is
one more person than the 10s digit of the boat’s hull length. Under this formula, boats from
20 to 29.9 feet sail with a crew of three, boats from 30 to 39.9 feet sail with four and so on.

The 28th Edition of the famed Storm Trysail Club Block Island Race Week expects 150 boats, and the number of racing formats has been expanded to attract an even wider array of yachts; ranging from Grand Prix teams to family-friendly cruising boats. Besides the usual Windward/Leeward racing, there will be Pursuit-start and ‘Solent-Style’ racing formats too. 

Multi-Hull Racing, Non-Spinnaker, IRC, ORC and PHRF are returning, along with a new, innovative format – Plus One. Plus One allows the crew be one person larger than the first digit of hull-length. (30-39’ = 4 crew, 40 – 49’ = 5 crew, etc.) Plus One fills a sweet spot between double-handing and fully crewed racing, lowering costs and the need for crew. Click HERE for more on Plus One



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